mm-csurf.htm; updated: 04 DEC 2001


MicroMag Application: Control surfaces


Because the magnetic servo's deliver only a small control force special attention to the controlsurfaces of the model is eminent.
The elevator shall be about 20 to 25 % of the horizontal tailsurface. The rudder may be 25 to 30% of the total vertical tailsurface.
The hinges shall move absolutely free. The simplest hinge is tape. Use not more than 3 pieces of tape about 6 mm wide on each controlsurface. Another good hinge consists of a small eye from aluminium or so and a piece of wire.

On models where the elevator is not very light I often use a mass balancing as can be seen on many fullsize aircraft. I must say that I did not fly these models without the balance, if it is really nessecairy I don't know.

The controlhorns can be made from 0.4 mm plywood or even a postcard, toughned with C.A.


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