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MicroMag Application: Linkages


The linkages are similar to normal radio linkages with three exceptions:
1. They shall move absolutely free.
2. They shall be light.
3. The linkage at the actuator shall be of non-magnetic material.

Make Z bends at the atuator side from copper, brass, stainless steel or other non-magnetic material. Supplied with the small actuators is a piece of 0.3 mm brass wire with a Z-bend at each end, with the 'big' actuator you will find the same in 0.5 mm. Mount to pushrod with heatshrink tube fix with CA.
The quick links at the control surfaces can simply be made from 0.3 and 0.5 mm piano wire according to the drawing.

The length can be 15 and 20 mm. Mount again with heat shrink tube and fix with CA after adjustment.
The lightest pushrod is made from a dried grass straw. A 0.5" or 0.8" carbon rod is not much heavier and easier to handle.
The controlsurfaces shall move very free.

Make the controlhorns of such a length that when the actuator moves to full travel the surface is at its full travel as well. Usually 20° controltravel for 45° on the actuator is more than enough.
The controlhorns can be made from 0.4 mm plywood or even a postcard.


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