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MicroMag: Links

Bob Selman Designs has one of the longest running Micro businesses in the USA.
Bob did the programming of the microprocessor in MicroMag, with
the first auto throttle detect and the smoothest actuator control.

Willem Bravenboer Your Belgian specialist on in/outdoor models with high fun/buck ratio

 Micro Midget Brushless For the finest really small brushless motors

  JMP-solutions Is one of the first alternatives to MicroMag

 MicroInvent your supplier from Slovenia for Micro, radio, actuators, esc’s, motors and models

 small receivers, actuators, motors and super BL controllers

Atomic Workshop brings motors and the famous high rate LiPo’s.

Johan Bjurling brings the small stuff to Sweden

The WES Technik Home Page. Light weight stuff for the real R/C Indoor maniac!

Schulze You will find the best chargers here and a lot more

The Learjet page A really 'kool' page with information on indoor (!) electric ducted fan flying.

Pixel helicopter probably the world's smallest RC heli 

Rob Bulk Computerfreeswerk Precision CNC routing of wooden and composite parts, also fine kits!


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