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MicroMag Application: Motorization

The Kenway KR-1 is used in the majority of the models. With its 4.2:1 reduction has proven to be a good performer with the system. This powerplant was developed for indoor freeflight and holds the Mabuchi FFN20-PA motor (Ř 12 x 10 x 15 mm) with few turns for low voltages. Three cells and a 120 to 150 mm diameter prop is recommended, on 4 cells use a 100 to 125 mm prop. The diameter of the prop is important to keep the current drain to acceptable levels. Don't use a 150 mm prop on 4 cells.

The flanges of the KR-1 can be trimmed with a dremel, don't use side cutters the flanges may become loose (glue breaks).

Each motor is to be fitted with an interference suppression of 3 capacitors. Use a value between 22 and 100 nF. Our KR-1 comes with 3 capacitors of 47 nF.

It is important that the leads from each pole to the motor case are as short as possible, think in mm terms, not in cm's. Clean the motor case with sandpaper or something like a Dremel before soldering. Use an iron of 50 watts or more. It is better to use a big iron short than a small iron long.

The leads to the speed controller shall be as short as reasonably possible, think in cm's not in dm's. When longer than about 15 mm the wires should be twisted. This recommendation is not restricted to the µMag, in contrary, in higher power 'big' electrics these rules apply at least as well.


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