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Products: MicroProbe System

The MicroProbe system is an excellent tool to determine the airflowdistribution through radiators of cooling systems.

Through Pitot-Static measurements with up to 48 special probes mounted in the radiator the airflow distribution can be measured under realistic conditions even in drivable vehicles.

Information on the system can be found in a flyer and in two papers, one is SAE 931105 and more recently the paper given at the occasion of the MIRA vehicle Aerodynamics Conference 2000 in Rugby UK.

A flyer in PDF format can be downloaded here.

The Measurement of the Distribution of the Airflow Through a Radiator, SAE 934115
Please drop a mail at
info@ruijsink.nl and the paper will be send to you.

The MIRA paper can be seen online:
The Use of the MicroProbe System in Coolingsystem Development,
MIRA Vehicle Aerodynamics 2000



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