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MicroMag: What's new

The RSM connector is now available in a 3 pole version for use with 2 LiPo cells and a balancing wiring.
See Cables and Connectors
(01 January 2007)

Again a lower price for the Lithium batteries is now on the pages.
Also the price for the cells and packs with RSM connector.
See Batteries
(01 January 2007)

The new lower price for the Lithium batteries is now on the pages.
Also the price for the cells and packs with RSM and BEC connector.
See Batteries
(24 October 2002)

The new Sub-Micro Connectors are available now The perfect companion to the Lithium cells, but equally suited for small NiCd and NiMH.
See Cables and Connectors
(22 October 2002)

The new Sub-Micro connectors will be available from mid october (yes this year).
These will not be goldplated. Extensive discussions with the producer of the connectors have made clear that for our use, this type of connectors does not improve with goldplating.
(17 August 2002)

The new LiPolymer cells are available now.
Regrettably the new Sub-Micro-Gold connectors not yet.
Instructions to solder leads to the Li-Polymer cells are added.
(16 July. 2002)

A new exiting Lithium Polymer battery is available soon.
See the
Batteries and the Applications battery page for more information.

These batteries will be equipped with the new Sub-Micro connector also available as a separate product. This connector is less than half the size of the WES-microJST.

Also GIF and DXF plans for the Tri-X have been added in the Photo-Plan-Album
(17 June. 2002)

In the very near future FMA Direct is going to produce the MicroMag sytem.
The system will be available from the current dealers and the FMA dealers.
Further information will be posted in due time on these pages and on FMA's website.
(15 Dec. 2001)

The Two-cell operation is described now. See under applications
(16 Jan 2002)

New photo's added and a downloadable plan
(2 april 2002)


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